Maia Evarista Charlotte Ibar was born outside of Paris in 1982. Coming from a large, close knit Basque/French family of creative intense personalities, they all immigrated to the U.S in 1984 and split there time between the U.S and the Basque region of France.
Maia has been making art since she was a child. She attended Walnut Hill School,Parsons Paris, Pratt Institute, and holds a Masters of Painting from The New York Studio School.
She studied with Chris Martin, Bill Jensen, Margrit Lewczuk, Graham Nickson,Ophrah Shemesh, Carl Plansky, among others. She has sold work to the private collection of David McKee.
She is in an on going collaboration with the painter Chris Martin working on a short experimental "art" film.
Maia has been investigating the process of Painting,Video,Drawing,Installation and Music as rituals connected and related to the mind,body and spirit. The journey and process are a way to teach herself about her sub-consciousness,revealing her deepest emotions and the path that her life has given her.
Recently, Maia performed and recorded as the drummer and backing vocalist in the band TEEN from Brooklyn, NY.
Their record "in limbo" has been released by the label Carpark Records and was mixed by Pete Kember a.k.a Sonic Boom of (Spectrum, Spaceman 3),
She is now working on two music projects. One, is a pop ambient musical performance project called Dual-Split with her brother Baptiste Ibar, They just finished recording there second album with Pete Kember a.k.a Sonic Boom. Two, is an ongoing research project on the power of frequencies, tones,colors,taste,smells and sound, therapeutically.

"Spirits appear to me with personalities and character. They grow inside of my head organically like a plant. It starts small and little by little the pieces grow from each other like a tree. There is something bigger out there that I'm trying to connect to: Maybe it's the cosmos or maybe it's the unknown. There is balance and unbalance. I believe my mind fluctuates between these two points. Sometimes there is order, in composition,in color harmony,order in my emotions that translate directly into clear symbols. Other times, I am not in control, I cannot even begin to describe it here because that would mean that I know it and that I am in control of it. It is the unbalance in me, it is the unknown in life, in what we don't understand, in the issues that are destructive to balance. The un-aesthetic, the chaos, life and death,the frustration of what isn't good, what isn't beautiful; This is the side that fights me and that I have to express through my art. I seek to let myself trust what I don't know. That is what I am trying to get to when I am working. It is the thing that makes us be, the automatic sense that makes us breathe. It is what makes us trust and continue." -Maia Ibar