These paintings were made after my three months in Los Angeles (Jan,Feb,March 2015) where I did a residency at The Mountain School of Arts.

I am trying to express the warmth, the thirst, the dryness, the desert, the vastness. I was looking for or craving those sensations coming from an area in the Basque region of France that is very humid and wet. I used Walnut oil and oil as my mediums to express that humid feeling and was trying to express a nostalgia I had for Southern California and the relationship to water from a personal and global perspective.

It has taken them 6 months to dry.

I was also studying some meditation out there and I had a very wonderful teacher talk to me about the past,present and future. Whilst driving the rearview mirrors are the past; don't look at them too much or you will crash, but check on them sometimes; and the road ahead is the future, but only concentrate on what you can see, don't go beyond or you will crash.

Walnut Oil on canvas