Through textural exploration of glitter, spray paint, pigment, sand and oil, I am exploring the underworld of deep ocean creatures. This mysterious place of darkness whose vibrant colors live on the actual creatures, like deep water haute couture, brings me deep into my work. I have always been attracted to fish as a symbol of freedom and endless space to move. Their neon almost artificial colors and alien shapes
We live on the same planet but don’t have much contact with each other. The ocean is a whole other dimension. I ilke this element of transcending into another reality as I paint.

This series is also political as it explores the Fukashima tragedy and how we project out own emotions onto the animals that are actually experiening the physical consequences. Are fish conscious ? Do they feel their burned skin? Are they in pain ? Do they know that humans caused this ? Will they survive ? Is Darwinism at stake again with the survival of the fittest under such extreme conditions ? Will they transform into other forms due to the poison ? Is that ok ? Is that just part of evolution ?